Book Review: Cavernous by Monica Mynk

Cover: A lovely girl. A lovely soft green. You can't stop looking at all the details. Romance: Think betrayal and unrequited love. Profanity: None Entertainment: A Christian Read. Callie's whole world changes when America divides into two countries and her family is torn apart. You want to know if and how she can survive such dismal circumstances. Story: Callie begins a journey of survival and faith. Her mom disappears and then she is kidnapped and taken to Alliance territory (the states that separated from America and formed their own Nation) where they put students in schools to be brainwashed and abused. Callie buckles under the physical tyranny even as she continues to mentally practice

Book Review: The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel

Cover: Intriguing and Lovely Romance: Yes, yes. yes. Sixteen year old Ivy gets married in Chapter One. No worries because this is a clean read but romance is a major component and you won't be disappointed. Profanity: There were a few places but overall the language is clean. Entertainment: There wasn't a lot of "action" continually going on but it captivates you. Lots of mystery involved, you begin rooting for an outcome and the ending will surprise you. Story: In this dystopian world, Ivy gets married in Chapter One, her goal - kill the boy she's just married. That was enough for me and I had to find out what happened. This is NOT a standalone even though the major conflict is resolved you

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