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Book Review: Cavernous by Monica Mynk

Cover: A lovely girl. A lovely soft green. You can't stop looking at all the details.

Romance: Think betrayal and unrequited love.

Profanity: None

Entertainment: A Christian Read. Callie's whole world changes when America divides into two countries and her family is torn apart. You want to know if and how she can survive such dismal circumstances.

Story: Callie begins a journey of survival and faith. Her mom disappears and then she is kidnapped and taken to Alliance territory (the states that separated from America and formed their own Nation) where they put students in schools to be brainwashed and abused. Callie buckles under the physical tyranny even as she continues to mentally practice and review what she knows to be true about history and the Bible. She grows stronger throughout the story and I loved the way she begins to stand up for herself. There is action, romance, and a lot of tension as Callie's future hangs in the balance. This is not a standalone, but happily Callie makes a definite transformation by the end. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

Click on the Cover to read a free excerpt on Amazon.

Monica Mynk is a wife, mother, and high school Chemistry teacher/author from Central Kentucky. She spent her early years reading books with her mother, acting out plays with her brother and sister, climbing in corncribs, and helping her dad on the farm. Periodically, she loves to tell corny science jokes.

In her writing, she battles the meme-driven sound-byte belief system with strong characters who have the word of God on their hearts and hwo take Biblical stands against even the slightest truths and injustices. She desires to help broken women grow exponentially in their faith through the stories she presents.

Monica has worked with college, teenage, and middle grade girls in both secular and spiritual arenas for over twenty-five years. She has served as Bible class teacher, Bible camp counselor, ladies’ day speaker, ladies’ devotional leader, and youth coach for the Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes program through her church. She’s an avid reader and has devoted years to independently learning the craft of writing.

Throughout her teaching career, she’s watched Christian girls struggle to find their place in an ever-materialistic world, cringing as they’ve emulated nonreligious heroes—those sporting immodest dress, engaging in sexual immorality, and exploiting themselves in inappropriate language or dance. Many young girls have left the church in their college years, likely because of superficial faith, and these issues carry forward into their twenties and onward. Monica writes books that she hopes inspire them to adopt principles such as passion for Scripture, deepening a relationship with God, and taking a stand for His truth.

Visit her author page to learn more about her books:


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