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Spin the Dawn


Spin The Dawn by Elizabeth Lim releases 7/30/19 and I want that lovely cover on my shelf!

Plus you can check out her lovely pre-order goodies here:

My Review:

Changing the world one dress at a time. That’s Maia in a shell (walnut shell).

This book really did make me wish I could sew.

The story is divided into 3 parts, and when I fell in love with Part 1 I was a tiny bit afraid the rest would be a letdown, but thank goodness I was wrong. I adore the author for taking us on such a grand adventure.

Initially Maia poses as a young man to change the life of her family and prove herself as a Master Tailor. The stakes are high. They will kill her if she’s found out. She has to beat all the other tailor’s in a fierce competition, and then she has to journey to obtain materials for three impossible gowns: “One woven with the laughter of the sun. Another embroidered with the tears of the moon, and lastly, one painted with the blood of the stars.”

This story was interesting, fun, thrilling, romantic, and I rooted for Maia every step of the way.

Thank you Netgalley

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