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Book Review- A Time To Die - Nadine Brandes

One year until death. One year to learn how to live.

Cover: Nice

Profanity: None

Romance: I would say yes but not the focus.

Story: Time is not on Parvin’s side as she begins a lofty bucket list. She has a lot of unanswered questions and major obstacles to overcome, yet she never gives up.

There are definitely some unique gadgets in this dystopian world (some of which I wouldn’t mind to have) and lots of mystery. The first part of this book is more intriguing and then we really get into the action. We get to experience how she survives, different cultures and gain surprising knowledge along with Parvin as she explores a world she’d always lived in yet never knew. You'll love this Christian Dystopian. Parvin is a tenacious character and I like her.

Click on the book to go straight to Amazon and read an excerpt.

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