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Book Review- Bottled - Carol Riggs

Wish for a great book and here you go!

Cover: So pretty and intriguing!

Profanity: None

Romance: Yes! A total Clean Read so no worries.

Story: I really enjoyed the main character, Adeelah, who becomes trapped into service as a Genie at the young age of 17. For centuries, she's had to deal with greedy masters, until she meets kind and generous Nathan. You'd think they were a match made in heaven except being a Genie is complicated. She's being pursued by a previous evil and immortal master who'd kill anyone who gets in his way. She's in love with another guy from her past who is also immortal. Plus, no one can touch her (think ghost).

It was lots of fun to be part of this roller coaster ride as Adeelah finds enough freedom with Nate to discover who she really is. You'll want to read every last page.

Click on the book to go straight to Amazon and read an excerpt.

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