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Book Review: The Heir War by Jill Williamson

Cover: I love the design and colors.

Romance: There is plenty discussed/alluded too including arranged marriages, concubines, conquests, etc. One sweet romance that doesn't seem to have a chance but you keep hoping.

Entertainment: The plot really heats up and everyone has a mission they are trying to accomplish.

Profanity: None

Story: The fate of Armania hangs in the balance. A murder mystery, who will be the next heir, and is there really only one God instead of multiple ones? In this installment we begin to get some answers, pawns become players and visa-verse (due to a kidnapping), and we are privy to lots of action such as magic/demons and fighting as everyone is trying to succeed in their own quest. Multiple points of view continue with one character as interesting as the next. I even enjoyed getting to know the bad guys and for some of them you might hope they turn from their evil ways. This is the second part of the story and I look forwarding to reading the next to see if they can all be saved from disaster. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Click on the Cover to read a free excerpt on Amazon.

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